Car Hauler Repair & Modifications


Our Services at T&C Welding and Repair include:
Custom Built Headracks for Automobile Transport Vehicles
Modifications of existing Headracks and Trailers
Posts, Frames and Rails
PTO, Pumps and Cylinders
Led Light Packages
Hoses and valves
Electrical Systems
Lowering of decks (see Photos)
Brackets, Channels, Plates
Troubleshooting and Repairs
Sandblast and Paint
Fifth Wheels
In our present economy, it is COST EFFECTIVE to repair or modify your existing equipment than buy new.
Our experienced associates will keep your down time to a minimum and get you back on the road as soon as possible.
We work on all makes and models.
Take advantage of our quick service and expertise by calling for prices and quotes @ 904-778-7711.
Prepare for the future “Burst” in the Automobile Transport industry.

Tip of the Month: You should remove the pump from the PTO and lube the splines every six months. This will prevent your splines from wearing out prematurely. This can save you from an $1800 repair bill when you least expect it.